"Melt the mask that shows our face"

I started this project with the purpose of the self-portrait, and it became a very long process where at the same time, while discovering my face, I was questioning the reason of doing it. This restlessness led me to study the origins of the process of the self-portrait as we know it today. Starting with the ancient sociocultural greco-roman and leading to the digital profile located in the world of social networks. Deepening in the sociocultural changes that gave rise to this evolution, I found the origins of the massification of the self-portrait in the present, being the direct cause, the narcissism, which became the reason and the end of my project.

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Personal carving project carried out at the Academia di Belli Arti di Carrara, Italy. Using both traditional and contemporary techniques, born in the classic greco-roman sculpture style and to lead to the postmodernist concept of individual representation, Instagram.

Narcissism has been an important point to investigate, and can be understood as one of the disorders that lead this society towards perpetual dissatisfaction. Considering narcissism as the obsessive state of constant search for oneself, it could be said that it is partly as if we were living in a continuous process of self-portrait.


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